Monday, December 11, 2023

Will provide justice to those waiting for justice: Sanjay Sinha


New Delhi: ‘Lakhs of people are waiting for justice, but they are not getting proper justice. We are helping such people.’Chairman of the International Equitable Human Rights Social Council,Sanjay Sinha says. While talking to this correspondent, he further said that ‘our organization is doing meaningful work in the field of social justice at the global level. We will continue this work in future also.’ During the conversation, Shri Sinha said that through this organization, people are being made aware of human rights, so that they can know their rights and can talk about their rights when needed. It is unfortunate that Even today, 75 percent people are unaware of human rights. They do not even have basic knowledge of human rights, hence we are making more and more people aware.According to Sanjay Sinha, Indo-International Icon Awards 2023 will be organized on 24th November at India Islamic Cultural Center in New Delhi, in which distinguished people from India and abroad will be honored. Union ministers, Bollywood stars etc. will be present in it. Let it be known that preparations for this function are being done vigorously. A press conference will also be held before the function.


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